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At Integrative Touch, we are trained to treat a diverse population from new borns to Adults.

Pediatric Therapy practiced by a pediatric trained physical therapist helps alleviate pain, improve muscle function, and gain more independence with daily activities. Pediatric physical therapists assist children of all ages, from infants, to teenagers, to young adults, who have congenital disorders and chronic conditions.

Pediatrics: About

Pediatric therapy extends to the home, so the therapists advise family members about home safety and exercises that can contribute to a child’s progress. Improving physical functions often requires daily practice, so it’s important for parents and families to be involved and supportive of their child’s home therapies.

Young children may not understand why they are in therapy, so it’s part of the pediatric therapist’s role to create fun, motivational activities that will help the children to achieve their goals. Children are then more willing to participate and accept challenges. Pediatric therapy is a collaborative work between the physical therapist, the child, and the family.

Pediatrics: About

Pediatric therapists provide support for the child’s family. Children pediatric therapists may also be able to coordinate and/or advise special services a child needs at school or help with assistive technologies or prosthetics to enhance the children’s development and progress.

Pediatric therapy can help improve any condition that inhibits movement or causes difficulty with motor skills. A common Physical therapy need in pediatrics is for congenital muscular torticollis, which is the most common form of pediatric torticollis. The SCM muscles (muscles that run along the side of the neck and control the head moves) become shortened and contracted, due to either the babies positioning inside the womb, abnormal development of the SCM muscle, Trauma or damage of the muscles during birth.

Pediatrics: About


Sabine has been working over the past 6 years in specific pediatrics-oriented clinics, which helped her gain more experience in pediatrics. In addition, she has been treating babies and children for 25 years in France and US, and pediatrics has always been very important in Sabine’s practice.

Pediatrics: About
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