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Sophrology was born in the 60’s: it takes its sources in the philosophy of the phenomenology, therapeutic hypnosis, relaxation, psychology and Neurology (Western practice) allied to the ancestral oriental practices that is yoga, Zen and meditation.

Sophrology: About

During a group or individual session, the participants are invited to engage in relaxation exercises, breathing and visualization, standing, sitting, or lying down. It is a privileged moment of body and mind resourcing, whose benefits will be gradually felt in the various aspects of the daily life.

Relaxation, breathing, body awareness, and connecting to the moment can alleviate/ reduce the level of stress and physical tensions, while discovering the existence of a self-well-being. It will also allow emerging harmonious development of bodily sensations, and self-potential, resources, and creativity.

Through visualization, Sophrology might help to stimulate the immune system, but also help to accelerate the regeneration of tissue and the recovery of the functions of the body following an accident, a surgery, or a trauma. A weekly practice in-group might also improve many personal issues, such as quality of sleep, reduction or even disappearance of various pathological disorders.

Sophrology: About

Sophrology can help with:

Stress and anxiety Management

Sleep Disorders

Projects preparation (exams, interviews, sports events, professional situations, private life events)

Focus, memory, concentration.


Body awareness

Immune system enhancement

Regular practice is the key to get the best of the benefits of Sophrology.

Sophrology: About


Sabine has trained in Sophrology at the EDHES (Ecole des Hautes Etudes de Sophrology), in Paris with experts in the field of Sophrology. Sabine practices Sophrology techniques through various pathologies and indications as needed, in order to improve mindfulness in various patients.

Sophrology: About
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