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Pilates exercises can be a good adjuvant to physical therapy, to recover from or prevent a sports injury, but also to feel a better body alignment though gentle, though efficient body conditioning.

Pilates: About

The Pilates method is based on mindfulness as well as safe and complete muscle control. Pilates is about executing one exercise with a proper form rather than completing more repetitions with a sloppier form. Deep, controlled, diaphragmatic breathing through each Pilates exercise activates blood circulation and awakens cells and muscles.

Pilates can help achieve balance, while focusing on becoming mindful of each body movement, allowing the patient to receive optimum physical value from each movement as well as enhance body awareness.

Pilates can enhance good posture and body awareness. It is important to be aware of the position of each body part in order to ensure proper breathing and Pilates technique. The ease and fluidity to all Pilates exercises, as well as continuous, smooth, and elegant movements will bring strength and stamina. Breathing, control, mindfulness, centering, alignment, and precision are the key to a good Pilates practice.

Pilates: About


Sabine Combrie got her certification in Pilates at the Body Line Studio in Beverly Hills, through the Physical Mind Institute, and has been helping her patients recover from injuries and prevent future ones through Pilates exercises since then.

Pilates: About
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